GERMANY sectors, TEXTILE companies.
GERMANY  companies ..
ACO Modeagentur GmbH-
ACO to Fashion Agency in Salzburg,Men's and boy's clothing, Women's and children's clothing, Men's and Boys' Clothing and ...
ADS Textil Handel GmbH-
ADS Textil Handel GmbH, Imports textile grey cloth and fabric which is prepared for printin or dyeing.
AGA Textilvertrieb GmbH-
Women's clothing retail stores, wholesale women's apparel, clothing and textile sales ..
Ahrens Textil-Service GmbH-
Ahrens Textil-Service GmbH, Linen, Commercial and industrial linen,Cleaning services, work clothes.
AS Aktuell AG-
Production, processing and sales of embroidered lettering and emblems of all kinds and for application to trade in textiles.
AuRa Textil GmbH-
Aura Textiles - We have set ourselves the task of the customer the highest quality cleaning mats, promotional logo trade show carpet, installation products.
Autex Auerbacher Textilwaren GmbH-
The AUTEX Fima, Auerbach Textiles Ltd. is a medium-sized companies in the textile industry. Hosiery, socks, stockings up to the..
B. Carstens TEXTILE GMBH will present its products : Men and women underwears, lingerie and ....
BECHER Textil- & Stahlbau GmbH-
Design and manufacture  sophisticated all-weather large umbrellas for commercial use in hotels, catering, communal garden and landscape.
Bietex Biermann-Textil-Vertriebs-GmbH-
bietex Biermann-Textil-Vertriebs-GmbH,Textile agencies, trade sales, leather, shirt and.......
Blue Tex Textil-Mode GmbH-
PRESSING Dietlingen, the best resource for screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing, embroidery and much more ...
B + N Textil GmbH-
The sign of “BN” is well known throughout the Globe, because we are offering our “Articles” at a very competitive prices in small as well as bulk quantity orders.
C. F. Ploucquet GmbH-
PLOUCQUET. committed to intelligent textile solutions.The company C.F. Ploucquet GmbH & Co from Heidenheim takes over the textile specialists ...
Christian Held GmbH-
Leading supplier for raw-white, bleached and coloured machine yarns. Our long standing collaboration with the worldwide best spinning mills gives us the possibility to guarantee.
C.E. Pattberg GmbH-
C.E. Pattberg GmbH & Co. KG, take you into the world of ribbons and bows for every occasion.
Dero Textil-Design GmbH -
Dero Textil-Design,Textile designer, towel, towels, bedding, Jaqcard, printing, textile design, Krefeld, Martin Rolef, Rolef Hanna, David ...
Dierig Holding AG-
The company manufactures a wide variety of fabrics for the needs of its customers and is now including a leader in home textiles, major textile companie in Germany.
Delius GmbH-
A strong group,The holding C.A. Delius & Söhne is a strong group for contract fabrics and industrial fabrics.Textile laboratory.
Eberhard Becher
The latest fashions in our newly designed children's department , the new lingerie  department and .. focused more on fashion-interested women and men in the prime of life.
Ergee GmbH-
Ergee GmbH,provides laundry products, and hosiery of all kinds for men, women, children and babies in top quality at attractive prices.
ENVITEX textile industrieprodukte gmbh-
The family looks back on a nearly 100-year history in the textile industry. we produce almost all types and filter bag filter bags, filter cloths and special.
Eagle Products Textil GmbH-
The 4 branches Accessories, Home Collection, Eagle Mini and Promotion Collection offer a wide range of products for fashion, home styling, children and business presents.
Eso-Textil GmbH-
Manufacture of upholstered cushion elements in Oberdorla. The Eso-Textil GmbH is a leading producer in the pillow ...

Freshtex International Textile Service GmbH-
Freshtex International Textile Service GmbH, national and international fashion brands of jeans and sportswear industry.
Filztuchfabrik Rodewisch GmbH-
Modern machinery provides the basis for  our wet press felts.Paper Machine Clothing Quality Control.non-wovens for geotextile use.
Gebe Textil Technik GmbH-
Manufacturer of embossed labels, bands, fashion accessories, stocking parts, applications, stamping parts, zipper made of microfiber, leather and ...
Gertex Textil GmbH-
We develop and manufacture finished fabrics – our service chain includes all stages, from initial product idea right through to large-scale production.
Gruschwitz GmbH Tech-
Manufacturers of sewing threads and technical yarns from linen, cotton, polyester, polyamide. Specialties.
Gregg Textil Vertriebs GmbH-
The company Gregg Textile GmbH, a textile wholesaler who is among other things, the labels Tutto, Top Girl, produces Vepres, and ... oops, and Chaton
Gustav Gerster GmbH-
Development and production of technical narrow fabrics, such as knitted and woven tapes, cords as Flechtprodukte, hoses..
Hereiha Textil GmbH-
Medium sized company that assembled in the heart of Saxony's high-quality women's and men's fabrics.
Hero Textil AG-
Hero for textile quality and reliability as a supplier of industrial workwear. The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal.
Huntsman Textile Effects (Germany) GmbH-
Textile chemicals are produced at the Langweid site.The site also has sales, R & D and technical service functions. 
Hornstein GmbH-
The flocking, textile printing and textile embroidery - Company Hornstein textile printing and textile embroidery Ltd.
Helmut Pfeiffer GmbH-
Produce a wide range of elastic and non-elastic ribbons, narrow fabrics and tapes for industrial applications in widths from 10 -200 mm.
Ibena Interior Textil GmbH-
Supplier of blankets, bed linen, bedding and homecare with on-line catalog.
ITAV textile group Handelsgesellschaft mbH-
ITAV Textile group Handelsges. MBH   manufacturs textile, many kinds of sizes and  according to request .
LACO Ties - We offer handmade neckties, fine silk ties, exclusive ties, traditionally-made ties, luxury neckties.
Lorena Textil Gmbh-
Lorena Textile Ltd. is  bed linen manufacturers from Höchstadt the highest quality both in material selection and in the ...
Modee Design & Fashion GmbH-
German based company offers contemporary womanswear collections around the year.  34 - 46 German sizes.
MD Gera GmbH-
MD Gera GmbH is a fashion printing company.Complete address, phone and fax information .

Männel Textile Abzeichen Graben  -
Welcome to your specialist for embroidery badge and Direkteinstickung. We manufacture badges, emblems, patch, and transfers ...
Merk Textil-Mietdienste GmbH -
The Textile Rental Services Wish GmbH,offers Wipes and washroom hygiene rental services, and personal protective equipment to buy.
MEWA Textil-Service AG-
Workwear, protective clothing or cleaning cloths: We complete handling of operating range fabrics for you take on - professionally and efficiently.
Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH -
Collection of modern furnishing fabrics and Moebelbezuege primarily for private ... Design, manufacture and marketing of collections of woven fabrics for upholstery, ...
Neu Textil Gmbh-
Making quilts, Border, mattresses, sheets and mattress covers.Ultra-modern, computerized quilting and embroidery quilting machines up to 130 inch ensure the best quality.
Otto-Textil GmbH-
Production of high quality yarns mixed with silk, synthetic and cellulosic fibers specialized processed mainly in the womenswear and lingerie in the sector.
Oerlikon Textile GmbH-
Oerlikon Barmag is the global leader in the construction of spinning facilities for such synthetic fibers as nylon, polyester and polypropylene as well as texturing machines.
Ploucquet Textiles Zittau GmbH-
Ploucquet. committed to intelligent textile solutions. Finishing of textiles made in Germany. Division Textile lining, pocketing, waistband ..
PONGS Textil GmbH-
PONGS Group specializes in development, textile production, printing, finishing and sales of textiles and foil:Together, the divisions PONGS Textiles, digital printing production .
Robert Jackl GmbH-
Today, about 4 tons of refined knitwear leave from animal, vegetable and synthetic fibers that are destined for the apparel market, working day's work.
Rasch Textil GmbH-
Rasch Textil - publisher of high quality decorative materials (burnt, organza, embroidery, jacquard, velvet, silk, printed fabrics, fabrics for children's rooms) and exclusive.
RK Textile Raumkunst GmbH-
RK textile Raumkunst GmbH is a houseold  texile manufacturer company.
Riedel Textil Gmbh-
30-year company history ,RIEDEL TEXTIL is one of the leading jersey manufacturers in Europe.
Sport - Tex Haag-
Manufacturing base in Europe, in the short term and in small quantities, such as model changes additional breast pocket or contrasting cuffs etc.
Solida Textil Und-
Perligran products-hair-nets of PAS Feinseidemit retracted fine braided rubber cord Delicate and almost invisible, giving the women a safe hair protection.
Staatliche Textil- und Gobelinmanufaktur Halle GmbH-
The National Textile and Gobelin Hall Ltd manufactures Giebichenstein, restored and preserved tapestries, carpets, tapestries, embroideries,
SOEX Textil-Sortierbetriebsgesellschaft mbH-
worlwide network of textile recycling, representing an incomparable capacity and consistency. The motto is of course to salvage all used textiles.
Solida Textil- und Netzwaren GmbH-
Hair nets  designs and sizes (hood networks, nodes, networks, networks dolls) hood networks for industrial needs (safety nets, safety nets Product.W ater curtain for barbers....

Setex Textil GmbH-
Industrial PCs for the fully automatic control of continuous and discontinuous textile machinery PPS systems and control stations .Sensors for dye machines and dryers finishing.
Samtex Textil-Handels-GmbH-
quickly and flexibly, and to implement small quantities and individual customer requirements,Offers cashmere,Merinowool, cotton or linen.
SAVE Textil GmbH-
SAVE TEXTIL GMBH : Click here to see this company by e-mail...  Telephone (+49) 07755 9383990 , Fax (+49) 07755 9383993.
Tambula Textil-
Embossing rollers for the production of embossed foils or non-woven fabrics. Hot perforation rollers for foil or non-woven fabric
Tex-ass Textilvertriebs GmbH-
Tex-ass means service line! The Tex-ass Textile GmbH is a specialist in the field of textiles and accessories . 38 different licensed brands.
Textil Lorenz-
Margot Lawrence textile workshop, clothing and accessories made from natural materials.Experiments with wrinkle and crease structures.
Textil-Vermögensverwaltung Arlen GmbH-
ARLEN offers raw white and melange yarns for weaving and knitting in multicomponent blends such as Modal, Viscose, Lyocell, Acrylic, Polyester, Wool, Polyamid, Angora, Silk and cotton.
Produce more than 50 large circular knitting machines finest .Shapewear and lingerie fabrics.

Vomatex Textil-
VOMATEX is supplying high quality coverings for industrial clothing presses and ironing tables as well as transport belts for ...
Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG-
Felt for new possibilities: whether classical or Synthetikfilz wool felt. The specific characteristics of each convincing in the final product.
Wilhelm Overmann GmbH-
Wilhelm GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of cords, cables and cords from polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene, polyester and many high-tech materials such as Trevira CS...
WEBER Textilveredelungs GmbH-
High quality yarns in wage employment in a variety of colors and qualities.Car mats, rims, runs, stair mats, skirting and facing the leftovers of carpets.
Westip Wilhelm Textil-Elastic GmbH-
Wilhelm Westip Textil-Elastic GmbH, Phone: +49 (0) 202 / 77 067. Fax: +49 (0) 202 / 77 066
Wagner Tech Textil GmbH-
Products , ribbon weavers, knitters, weavers widescreen, automotive, wire-weavers, knitters and wire-wire plaits.
Windel Textil GmbH -
Over one hundred years of experience by refining the innovation challenges of the textile world market. The perspective of quality, timeliness and reliability.
Walter-Textil GmbH-
Archipelago of synthetic filament yarns on warp beams for warp knitting in particular.Weaving for a variety of yarns and / or colors and thread counts for all possible warp beams.

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